Multiply your JOY and start a new habit that will bring you the tools that will help you know how to walk in JOY for the rest of your LIFE!
Create new pathways in your brain that will help you see the world from a different perspective!

What You'll Receive
For only $1 a day, you can have a fresh start each morning that strengthens healthy neuropathways and builds stronger emotional health, confidence, and JOY

You can receve your daily plan by either text or email. Here is what will be sent to you each day...

*A daily Bible verse 
*A daily healing statement
*A daily health goal
*A daily relationship building goal
*A daily essential oil to use with your verse and statement
*A daily song chosen to reinforce your statement, verse, and oil
*A journalling prompt to help you work through your stuck places

As soon as you join, the emails or texts begin one at a time.  You will also receive a welcome email that gives you the details.