X'Tract Lymphatic Treatment

X'Tract is a relaxing full-body detox through lymphatic cleansing that helps to remove what doesn’t belong in your body, mind, and emotions; and cleanses your system so it can heal itself the way God designed it to! You deserve freedom and healing so you can stay healthy and fight off anything that comes your way!

 X'Tract detoxification is an out of the box lymphatic process that delivers immediate results in creating alignment for both emotional and physical health. It's a relaxing, hands-on process that helps to move toxins from the body and flush them toward the bladder.

Some symptoms of toxic overload are bloating, cellulite, headaches, fatigue, swelling, weight gain, aches & pains, difficulty moving, lethargy, depression, sensitivity to odors, joint pain, allergies, chronic infections, memory loss, fogginess, sudden anger, frequent colds, and anxiety.

Detoxification brings a freedom from toxins that have been stored in your body but don’t belong there.  Sometimes when the body detoxifies, you may experience a rash, headache, or other discomfort in the body.  You may also feel more emotional and be more retrospective.   You may also feel lighter, freer, joyful, peaceful, happy, and like a burden has lifted. You may be able to understand things that were blocked from you previously.    All these reactions are good because it means the body is cleansing itself from the things that you don’t need there.  When your body is freed from the toxins, you are then free to accept more healing and your body can work better to keep you healthy.
X’Tract is not recommended if you are currently receiving radiation or chemotherapy, have open cuts or wounds, have blood clots, are pregnant or nursing, or have active burns or rashes.

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