Seeking the Father's heart to overcome obstacles!
"For by You I can run against a troup, and by my God I can leap over a wall!"
It's Time to Overcome!
Are you struggling with thoughts of failure, negativity, anxiety, worry, fear or sadness?
Let's work together to find out why and then I'll help you find release and relief!!
When you have goals you want to achieve but you are failing at every turn, or you have walls you need to break through but something is stopping you, often it takes someone who is a safe place who can help you find the root and walk you through pulling it out.

Using essential oils, prayer, a listening ear and compassion I will help you find why you are stuck and help you overcome!!!! Make An Appointment


“You feel like a warm, cozy blanket through a challenging emotional release process” -Carrie

“You are a safe place” – Lysette

“I am always unsure talking to someone new. You were wonderful about putting my fears to rest and make me totally at ease talking to you. I finally have some hope.” -Jinny

 “God put Eileen in my path and from the first time I spoke to her I began to feel peace and hope again. She knew exactly what I was going through and, more importantly, what I could do to calm my mind and body. Maybe I could actually feel happy and at rest--and get some sleep.  Every time I meet with Eileen, another layer gently lifts off and I can breathe better. I’ve been sleeping soundly again, my body is getting back in balance, and I’m calmly parenting my kids with kindness.
Also, I wake up happy and peaceful instead of racing around chasing that feeling all day. This has absolutely transformed every area of my life.” - Trina