Anointed to Soar Facilitator Training and Certification Course
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Anointed to Soar Facilitator Training is like no other training you've ever experienced!
This course will change your life!
Instead of banging your head against the wall to figure this all out yourself, let me walk alongside you and help you move forward!
Anointed to Soar Facilitator training and certification is a 7 week coaching and healing course for people who have a desire to find personal healing, and also to help others find lasting freedom from trauma, wounding, and abuse.
We use listening, compassion, spiritual discernment, essential oils, prayer, and Scripture in a specific series of steps to reach down deep into wounds and bring about release of stuffed memories. 
At the end of this course you will be ready to reach a hurting world with God’s love so you can see lives permanently changed for the better, 
Including Your OWN!

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A little about me...
I am a mom of 7 who did not know why life seemed so hard.  I thought I had a pretty decent childhood, nothing traumatic so why was it so hard to be a good, patient mom?  Why did I feel so useless, alone, and depressed?
I went through counseling, tried the meds, went through Bible studies, went to deliverance ministries, and received training from over 20 different ministries earning certifications and leadership titles.  I started feeling more stable, more capable of feeling joy.  But it wasn't until God gave me a direct connection between ALL of the ministries I was trained in that the pieces for my own healing started to fall into place! Every one of these ministries had one piece, but not one gave me every piece, let alone telling me my next steps! 
As He showed me the answers step by step, I started to share them with others, and Anointed to Soar Facilitator Training was born!

Are you ready to take this life changing step?
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Here's what Sarah said about the course:
I've really appreciated Eileen's attention to detail of scripture in regards to curses, vows, bitter roots, etc. It's brought so much clarity to my personal spiritual warfare as well as when helping others navigate their own wounds.
The course was worth it just for that knowledge. The fact that I have a skill set to now help others with is icing on the cake!

Here's what Agnes said about the course:
There is so much healing alone in this course that it is absolutely mind blowing!! Layered on top of that are the skills that I learned which I am now using to help others walk though deep emotional healing!

What you'll get with this course:
Lifetime access to 7 course modules plus bonus material!
A Facebook community for encouragement and further education!
5 group healing sessions with the others in the course!
2 individual healing sessions just for you personally!
An Emotional Healing Certificate that qualifies you to lead Anointed to Soar healing Sessions

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