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Hi! I'm Eileen, 
I teach emotionally wounded Christian moms how to conquer chronic sickness and frustration by providing researched systems that usher in freedom and harmony, to disrupt the lie that it is too late to fix the damage that's been done.
Are you wondering how to start being happy again? Maybe you believe things about yourself that aren't true, but you don't know where those lies are coming from or how to change them?
I was in that place too! I tried everything I could... Bible studies, tons of healing ministries... but they all had a little piece of the puzzle, nothing gave the whole answer.
Until God put it all together for me.
Now I help other women who are going through the same thing I went through. I even teach you how to help others!  It's all about passing on the blessing so we can help people be healed!
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 I help people find healing for their wounds, even when they've been broken. 

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"How to Help your Child Process Hard Emotions"

"How to Heal the Root when you don't like the Fruit!"

Are you struggling with thoughts of failure, negativity, anxiety, worry, fear  or sadness?
Let's work together to find out why and then I'll help you find release and relief!!

It's Time to Overcome!
Seeking the Father's heart to overcome obstacles!
"For by You I can run against a troup, and by my God I can leap over a wall!"

Are you ready to serve others while advancing your own healing?
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Would you like to take a 21 Day Journey from sad to joyful?
This course and journal go hand in hand to help you move out of heaviness into JOY!
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From Chaos to Shalom!

Pursuing peace in your home, your family, and your heart!

Here is the book on Amazon:
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Online & Local Services
Anointed to Soar Sessions
Identifying Emotional Roots & Blocks
One-on-One Session 

Wellness Protocol Sessions
Feeling "Under the Weather?"  Let's make a plan!
One-on-One Session

X'Tract Lymph Session
A unique Massage designed to move clogged or stagnant lymph and flush it from your body.

Raindrop Massage
An aromatherapy massage experience that strengthens your whole body.