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Wellness Protocol 

Feeling under the weather in any area of your life? Is your digestion off? Is your blood sugar out of whack? Have you been irritable and don't know why?

When one area of life is off balance, all of the others seem to slide down that slope too.

Let's grab a cup of tea and figure out what areas need some added support. You will receive a daily protocol for the food, oils, supplements, and activities you need to support that area.

Appointments in person or over a zoom call:
One hour planning session plus one body system - $100
Multiple system whole Body support - $150

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X'Tract Lymph Session
Unlike any massage you've ever experienced, the X'Tract is a series of movements that move your clogged and stagnant lymph so that it flushes out of your system!
Have you been having emotional ups and downs, brain fog, swelling in your joints, discomfort? You may have clogged lymph that needs to be moved!

In person only
1 hour session $120
(Ask me how to get a $20 discount!)

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Anointed to Soar
Seeking the Father's heart to overcome obstacles!
"For by You I can run against a troup, and by my God I can leap over a wall!"
When you have goals you want to achieve but you are failing at every turn, or you have walls you need to break through but something is stopping you, often it takes someone who is a safe place who can help you find the root and walk you through pulling it out.
Are you struggling with thoughts of failure, negativity, anxiety, worry, fear, or sadness? Let’s work together to figure out why and then I’ll help you find release and relief.
Using essential oils, prayer, listening, and compassion I will help you find why you are stuck and help you overcome.
In person or on Zoom
60 minute session $100
90 minute group session Price varies according
to the number of participantsLearn More
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Raindrop Massage

Have you been sluggish, down in the dumps, catching everything going around, or just need some added physical support?
The Raindrop is a beautiful, relaxing, healing experience that will strengthen your system, raise your emotions, bring relief and strength to your whole body.
Through a series of movements and essential oils, you will find the deep relief you have been searching for!
In person only
60 minute session $120
Ask me how to get a $20 discount

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Emotional Release

When you have deeper issues than an Aroma with the Father session can relieve, then we need to get together and do an Emotional Release.
This is a deep, in person, 60-90 minute session including prayer and essential oils that gets down to the root of issues like depression, anxiety, fear, and wounds from your past that may be causing you pain or blocking you from succeeding in life.
In-person only
60 minute session $120
90 minute session $150

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Life and Wellness Coaching
Would you like more energy, joy, peace, better relationships, less anxiety, worry, fear and brokenness?  
Do you desire change, but aren't sure how to accomplish it?

You might just need one session to help you get your thoughts and plans in order and to get you flowing in the right direction. You might need a series of conversations to help you set goals and follow through to accomplish big things!

In person or on Zoom
15 minute consultation FREE
60 minute one time coaching $100
4 sessions plus contact through the week $400

Other coaching packages available upon request

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"Anointed to Soar"
"From Angry to Free"
Weekend Ladies Retreats

Get together with a group of ladies all working toward the same goal of overcoming emotional and spiritual obstacles.
Do you want to be a kinder, more patient mother, wife and friend? If you need a big, kick in the pants toward living the way you know you should, then these weekends full of worship, prayer, deliverance, and overcoming our own limitations may be the best new start for you!

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Essential Oil Training
I've been an essential oil user for more than 16 years. I tried every oil available until I found the only company that made pure enough oils to make a difference for my health and that I trusted to use on my family.
I have 7 children who all were raised naturally on healthy food and essential oils, so I have studied in depth what oils to use for what. And I'm happy to help you too!
Let me know how I can help!
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