Keeping your eyes forward without regretting what’s behind!
Have you ever passed a truck on the highway, and as you were looking at it, you started drifting toward it? We are wired for our body to follow our head, and for our head to follow our eyes.
 So if your eyes are focused on the truck beside you instead of the road in front of you, you will drift toward the truck!
 The order of movement is eyes, then head, then body. Or, in other words, focus, then thoughts, then actions. All dancers and athletes know this, you must first put your eyes in the direction you’re moving, or you will fail miserably! When a dancer is spinning, she must keep her eyes focused ahead, or dizziness will set in that leads to a FALL!  
 If your eyes are looking behind you because you are regretting the past, brooding over mistakes, or wondering what you’ve missed, your head (thoughts, emotions, choices, and attitudes) will be focused on the past instead of moving forward. If your focus and thoughts are somewhere in the past, your day to day activities will not bring you to a desired goal. You can’t move forward if you are focused behind.
 This doesn’t mean we don’t work through past trauma or wounds.  It doesn’t mean we ignore mistakes, or stuff down emotions thinking we are taking our thoughts captive!  We must take action to work through the trauma, forgive the wounds, learn from the mistakes!  But once we have done the work, then it is time to change focus!
 The same is true of making good choices.   Some choices may have to be left behind as you keep your eyes focused on your goal.  This doesn’t mean you are against that choice you are leaving behind; it means the other choice is better! If you are dividing your focus between the two, you will not move toward either.
 This might make boundaries necessary.  Some people may not understand that you are not rejecting one choice, you are just putting the other choice in focus!  Protect your choices and goals like a precious seed!  Surround yourself with the waterers, move away from the tramplers for a time until your seed is firmly rooted. Then you will be strong to be a light to those who are so wounded that they desire to trample.
 Here are the steps to moving forward:
 1) Find healing from the past (make an appointment with me HERE if you need help with this).
 2) Discern the direction you’re supposed to be going.  What is supposed to be your current focus and plan.
 3) Find the activities you are involved in that are hindering you from moving forward, figure out what can be set aside for a time. (This doesn’t include obligations to faith, family, friends, and self!)
 4) Set your goals and intentions and write it everywhere! Remind yourself by writing it wherever you will see it! And tell people! This keeps it fresh in your mind.
 5) Set a boundary.  What will you do if something gets in the way of your goal? Have a protection plan in place and surround yourself with waterers (people who will encourage your dream).
 6) Eyes forward, thoughts forward, body forward… and RUN!!!!
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