Do you have ear problems? Could it mean something deeper?
Part 1

Ear in Hebrew is the word "Ozen"

OZEN (Aleph, zayin, nun) 

 Aleph: the ox, first, strength, leader
 Zayin: the weapon, to cut off
 Final nun: the fish, activity or life

When Aleph comes as the first letter of a Hebrew word, the meaning of that word points us to our relationship to God or one of His characteristics. It's a sign to look deeper.

 Therefore: The ear is telling us that when our relationship with God is affected, it cuts off life (meaning our spiritual health and fullness with Him).
 The traditional understanding of ear is to advertise or to have an audience (to gain someone's ear).
 Ear problems tell us that the wrong thing, person, or idea has gained our ear in some area of our life. It doesn't mean that we are wrong in every area, or even that we don't have a close relationship with Him, but it could mean that one area of our life, belief system, or understanding needs tweaking.

 Another word translated into ear is "Azan," same letters but different vowels, so the meaning is just changed slightly.
 This one means someone who listens and perceives.
 The picture is someone who puts their hand behind their ear and leans forward to concentrate on hearing clearly.
 Azan is translated "give ear" sometimes and "hearken" at other times.
 Often it comes in the same sentence as the word "Shema" which those of us who keep Torah know means intelligently listening, discerning, paying close attention, and obeying.
 But sometimes Azan also is paired with havah which means to rush to do naughty things (so it would mean eagerly listening to instruction that makes you rush into mischief).
 The difference here then is, what are you eagerly listening to? It could be to SHEMA (hear and obey) or to havah (rush to mischief).
Rarely do you find believers who DESIRE to rush to do mischief, but...
 Sometimes we might hear wrong doctrine that leads us down a wrong path. That is why deep study of the Word is so important, and so is being accountable to others about what we're listening to, studying, watching, and learning.
 This would also apply to paying attention to TV Shows, movies, music, books, or people that are harsh for your heart and might compel you to think the wrong things, do the wrong things, and to stray from what you know is true.
 How are you in this area?
 Is there something that has captured your attention that you need to change?

Part 2 will explain specific verses that tell us about our ears and what may be going wrong with our hearing.

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