Emotions connected to your Liver
My liver story, Part 1:

The last few times I had gone to my natural doc, he was able to tell that my liver was swollen and unhappy, but I just thought it was temporary inflammation, it didn’t really alarm me because I live a really healthy life. No toxins, always organic, I read every label, no artificial anything!
So each time I’d go, he’d work on the muscle points to ease the inflammation, I’d have a huge weeping spell that I had no idea where it came from, and then I thought I was all fine and dandy.

Until the time it wasn’t

At one of my appointments my natural doc could feel a lump on my liver. My always unflappable guy, who has never sent me to see anyone else, told me to get a scan as soon as possible.

I’m not a western med kind of girl, I do everything I can myself or through holistic practitioners, so I didn’t go right away. But I finally ended up getting an ultrasound, and he was right! There was a large lump on my liver.

Now for a toxin-free, organic eating, healthy living, emotional healing counselor, this was pretty shocking. We just always assume these things won’t come our way.

So I started all of the physical liver healing things. All of the foods, the oils, the supplements, the protocols, the gadgets, the enemas, the mats, etc.
But that stubborn lump didn’t budge.

So I started to look into the emotional baggage I was carrying. 

Did you notice above when I said that I would have a huge weeping spell after liver adjustments? What does that tell you? I was holding an emotional wound in my liver that I needed to get to the root of so I could be free.

The liver and stomach are so closely related that whatever emotion the stomach holds, the liver will also hold. You have 600 trillion gigabytes of memory in the DNA in your body. You can store trauma, wounds, emotions, and memories anywhere. But grief and sorrow like to get stored in the liver and stomach.

That’s why your stomach may hurt or you get indigestion when you are really upset about something.

Now if you are trying to stuff an emotion because it is too much to process, or because you think good people “shouldn’t” feel that way, or it isn’t safe to feel that, you will end up causing much more harm than if you had just dealt with the pain.

So I did some Anointed to Soar emotional healing sessions on myself to find the root cause of my liver damage. 
And when the Father showed me what it was, that was only the beginning of the healing journey…..

Part 2 coming soon
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