Ear problems part 2
Here is an interesting verse about ears:

Isaiah 22 is talking about people who were called to repentance but instead they rejoiced and celebrated.
So, the Lord of Hosts (YHWH of armies) gives a word to Isaiah. In English, Isaiah 22:14 just says, “it was revealed in my ears.” But the Hebrew meaning of the words together describe it as galah ozen, which literally means He made my ears naked by swishing away my hair to whisper in my ear.

I love this because it talks about the intimacy that our Creator wants with us when we are willing to draw near to Him; He is so close that He moves our hair away so we hear Him clearly as He whispers to us.

What this tells us about ear issues, is that you might want to look at your intimacy levels with Abba. Have you sought Him first and foremost. Is He your first thought when you need to be filled up? Or do you fill up with other things?

In this noisy world we live in, other things might get your first thoughts.
What do you seek at the end of the day when you're most stressed or tired? Do you think, I need to go pray, or do you think you need something else?

Ear problems are one sign we've given in to the noisiness of distractions.

In Scripture, the instruction for the slave was that, if he wanted to remain in the house of his master, his ear was pierced as a sign of life-long choice to hear and obey the voice of the master. (Exodus 21:6)
(slaves in Scripture were MUCH different than what we think of today, they were more like employees, but that is a topic for another day.)
When you see gold earrings used in Scripture it is a sign that you chose to obey the voice of the one who pierced you.
(In fact it is really interesting to note that different parts of our ears have nerves that get damaged when they’re pierced, which then effect our emotions and our hormones.)
The earrings were also used to make the golden calf, stating “we will obey this idol”.

That helps us understand these next verses.
Proverbs 25:12 “As an earring of gold and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprover upon an obedient ear.” (obedient ear shema ozen) is an intelligently listening, discerning, obedient person who pays close attention).

Are you a slave to the wrong voice? Have you been listening to the voice of a harsh task master like shame, unforgiveness, judgment, and rejection?
Or is God’s truth the voice that is constant in your ear?
Does the world seem to take too much of your attention?
Which voice seems the loudest to you?

Today (4/6/22) at 2:00 mountain we are doing a live zoom call to chat about what to do if you have ear issues.
You can join here: https://zoom.us/j/92303908082

Part 3 coming soon

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