Dirty Cups
Here at our house we have really hard water! Otherwise our water is great! We have a well; no fluoride, no chlorine, no nasty city additives at all.... but oh. so. hard!

What this means is that our appliances have to work harder, and so sometimes the dishes don't get really clean.  I'm not the only one who does dishes in our home, so sometimes a really dirty cup, dish or utensil might escape notice and get put away.

If you have a favorite tea/coffee cup, you know that you want that cup to be ready when you are.  You don't want to wake up and find your cup coated with some kind of muck that didn't get washed out in the dishwasher, and then you have to stop to clean it before you can have your first cup of eye-opening coffee or peace-giving tea.  When I'm first awake, I need to just grab my tea to get to my quiet time with the Father.  I don't want to stop first to clean things.

But here's the rub.... Sometimes we want to be filled with the Father, with his life-giving presence and His overflowing peace.  But our heart is so hard that the muck from the day before didn't get thoroughly washed out.  It's nasty to wake up to a dirty cup, but it's much worse to not even notice that the cup is dirty! Then you fill it up and take that first scummy sip, and.... YUCK!

Have you considered that you could be mucked up with yucky lies that you've believed or wounds that you've inherited and are passing on to others?
Father has pure water He wants to fill you with, but if you still have nastiness around the edges, that water won't stay pure for long. And, yes, it's noticeable to others when our pure water is mucked up, it's not something any of us can hide for long.

You are one of the Father's favorite cups!  He wants to use you!  You need to be ready to be used when He wants to fill you and use you for His purposes.  Are you dealing with hardness that needs to be softened?  Are you sitting there with dirty old scum instead of getting yourself clean so you can be used?
The beauty is, He'll do the washing if you will bring yourself to Him and ask Him to get you ready. He knows the best method for scum removal, He's a specialist!
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