Today when I walked out of my room to go have my quiet time in my prayer corner I smelled a horrible stench.  It was so horrible, it kept me from walking straight to my chair.  I HAD to figure out where the smell was coming from!  

As I got closer to the kitchen, I thought maybe it was the chicken bucket.  We keep a bucket of scraps to supplement our chicken feed.  So I put the bucket outside to be taken to the chickens and went down to pray.  I came back up awhile later and as I opened the door, I was hit in the face with this hideous smell!  OK, it wasn't the chicken bucket, and I WAS going to figure out what it was. I walked toward the pantry and the smell got stronger... it must be rotten potatoes!

Even now, I bet some of you can smell it as I mention it.  The smell is quite distinct and unmistakable!

So I searched through the potato box to see if I could figure it out. Nope! Nothing there!  I searched around awhile longer, I knew it was there somewhere, but I finally had to give up. I had way too much to do to keep wasting time like this.
Awhile later, as the smell got stronger, I enlisted Gary's help. He agreed it had to be a potato, so he started moving heavy things around.  WE FOUND IT!  Hidden behind a 50 lb bucket of rice, not just one rotten potato, but an ENTIRE bag of potatoes that had turned to complete liquid!! How did we not notice the smell before?  How could that have been hidden for so long?

Then I started musing.... so often we think we look OK from the outside, everything seems to be in order.  We've got it all together, everything in its place.  But we know that underneath, hiding away, there is something off.  And though we think we're hiding it, the smell of something being "not quite right" lingers.
Everyone forgets a hidden potato every now and again, or we wouldn't all know what it smells like.  But it's when we keep ignoring the problem that the stench becomes too strong.  That's when we might need some help from a friend.  We might need to humble ourselves and see if we can get support in "rooting" out the issue.  
The longer a rotten potato, or a bad attitude, or an angry heart, or a heart that won't forgive keeps hidden, the worse the problem becomes.  The initial stink is pretty yucky, but when it's gone you'll be SO relieved!!
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