Balancing your Natural Rhythm Part 2
When your body slows down because you are surrounded by low frequency influences, you start to feel sluggish, depressed, and exhausted.  It is like a piano string that just keeps getting stretched out, the sound will get flatter and flatter until it is so out of whack that you cringe!
 Here is what happens to your body as your frequency slows down:
 Your brain likes to function between 72-90 MHz, your body (during the day) likes to be between 62-68 MHz.  But when you surround yourself with foods, attitudes, words, and thoughts that slow you down, you started getting colds (58 MHz), the Flu (57 MHz), Candida (55 MHz), Epstein-Barr (52 MHz), Cancer (42 MHz), and death begins to happen at 25 MHz.
 You are a whole being, you aren’t just food, you aren’t just words and thoughts, you aren’t just symptoms.   Everything works together to bring you down or bring you up. Here are some things to add into your life each day so you counteract the effect of low frequencies.
 Prayer and worship are the absolute best way to raise your frequency, but remember, we aren’t talking about any old prayer to any old thing. Only real prayer and worship to THE Real God, will have any positive effect.
 Positive words and thoughts, edification, music, kind service, Scripture verses, healthy foods, hugs, laughter… all these things will help your body come back into the rhythm it was created to have.
 Here are some essential oils that will also counteract the low frequencies you’ve been surrounded by: Rose oil from Young Living has a frequency of 320 MHz, Frankincense is at 147, Joy is at 188, Thieves is at 150, Idaho Blue Spruce is at 428!!
 Fill your life full of worship to THE KING, joy, music, laughter, healing foods, good attitudes, kind words, generosity, and high quality essential oils (remember… the stuff from the store is not real and will have a low frequency because it is cut with other things that will be harmful instead of helpful). If you want to know how to get these oils go HERE!
 I am in a group of ladies on Facebook that seek to edify and build each other up.  We are bringing healing and wholeness to each other’s lives, which also raises your natural frequency!  You can join us HERE!
 If you look up some of these things you will find some WHACKO articles on frequency.  But remember, God is the One who created all things, and He is the One who determined the speed of each cell!  So just because the understanding of God’s creation was hijacked by different religions, does not mean that the study of frequency itself is another religion, it just means that believers got fearful of this topic when it looked like it was a new age philosophy!  But understanding how to help ourselves go back to the healthy bodies we were meant to have is imperative for health and life!
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