How can you see out of those lenses?
I regularly find myself telling my husband that he might see better if he cleaned his glasses.  He’ll come home at the end of a workday with so many scratches and smudges that I can’t even imagine how he made it through the day.
 He'll take them off, clean them well, then say, “Ahh! That’s better!” and we’ll both have a good laugh that he didn’t even notice how dirty they were.
But we all look at the world through damaged lenses on a regular basis without even realizing that our lenses are scratched, smudged, and even sometimes completely shattered. We walk along thinking we’re seeing things as they really are, but our vision is skewed by the damage.
 Have your glasses been scratched by rejection? Shattered by abuse? Dinged by loneliness? 
We get so used to living with wounds and trauma that we think we’ve dealt with it all just because we stuffed it down and don’t think about it. 
 The person wearing rejection colored glasses might see everything based on the viewpoint that people are just going to dislike them anyway, so what’s the use?
Bitterness colored lenses keep us from seeing good in people and from finding hope for the future.
Looking through lenses of shame always makes us run and hide from life, wanting to avoid people and situations that might make us get hurt again.
The problem is that most of us don’t even know our lenses are skewed! If we don’t know there is a problem, we won’t do anything to fix it.
 But signs that our glasses are damaged are in the everyday response to life.  
 We blow up at our children, avoid people, feel sad, judge people, feel left out, can’t accept love, shut off communication, break relationships…
These are all because we don’t even recognize that we are looking at our world through lies.
 Finding the lie (the color of your lenses) is the first step in overcoming the view you have of the world that is keeping you back from hope and joy.
 If you aren’t seeing the truth through clear lenses, you don’t even know what you’re missing!
 Anointed to Soar is a healing session that reveals the lies you’ve believed in that have tinted your world view. You can learn more about that

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