How to Embrace Frequencies without Compromising Your FAITH

This subject will have multiple sections as we navigate the lies connected to frequencies, and as we explore the ways that the Father created our world to work together in a beautiful symphony of sound and movement.
 The truth about Frequencies has been counterfeited. The Father is the One who created them for our good, but the enemy has stolen the idea and twisted it to cause confusion and chaos.
Part 1: Music
Everything that has been created has a speed at which it moves. Cells all move, and the rate that they move is their frequency.

Have you ever seen a pipe organ? The thin, long pipes are the high notes; the sound waves bounce around faster in small spaces. The faster the bouncing, the higher the note. The fat pipes are low notes; the sound has a longer distance to travel before bouncing, so it moves at a slower pace.

The same can be seen in water. Boiling water has a high frequency, the water molecule moves amazingly fast bouncing into other water molecules, therefore it has a high frequency. But the water molecules in ice move very slowly (you can still observe movement in water molecules that are frozen) and so it has a low frequency…. Make sense?
Then there are harmonies which are beautiful to hear and beautiful to see when using technology that views sound waves, because the waves fit together in astounding, mathematical patterns.
Harmonics are notes that automatically play together when strumming a guitar or pressing a piano key.  Currents attract other currents based on how they match and fit together.  In fact, with instruments, if one of the harmonics is dampened, all the other tones will sound flat and unpleasant.
The beauty of how music fits with our body frequency could have only been planned by a Creator.   Our brain and other organs have cells that move at a certain speed.  So just like the wave of a note, we have a wave corresponding to the speed that electrons move around cells.

Then those waves in the note are attracted to waves in the cell and actually enhance the frequency and even health of the cell. That is why music is the best way to enhance memory. You can remember a song that you haven’t heard in years as soon as it begins, or even set information to music to enhance recall.

Certain sounds cause unsteady and chaotic waves, those sound waves can actually do damage to the cells moving in our bodies. When studying Music Therapy, we observed chaotic sounds and could see through brain wave imaging the damage that was being done to firing neurons. We also observed healthy, ordered sound waves and how they increased and strengthened brain activity.

Certain words also bring damage to our brain cells and cause damaged pathways for brain activity, and can even cause increased cell death. Death and life are TRULY in the power of the tongue! (Proverbs 18:21)

Part 2 will give you specifics about how to use sound waves to enhance brain waves.

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  1. Thank you for this!! Such a great explanation for an amazing science created by God! I think it’s the best explanation I’ve heard.
    Waiting for part 2!
  2. Katherine Nanninga  08/12/2020 05:09 PM Central
    So good!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Thank you for putting into words something I’ve felt for so long. I learned a lot from this blog post πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
  3. I love this! There are times I fight certain things because our world and Satan have taken what God made for good and distorted it. This was so wonderful to read and I am super excited for the to be continued part!!!😍
    Eileen Jones AUTHOR  08/12/2020 11:06 AM Central
    Thank you! Sometimes the lines can seem so blurry between the truth and a lie. I'm so thankful He has given us the mind of Messiah and His promises!
  4. Tracy Alexander  08/11/2020 07:23 PM Central
    This explains so much! And I did not know that about pipe organs. πŸ˜ƒ
    Eileen Jones AUTHOR  08/12/2020 11:07 AM Central
    Pipe organs are so cool!! I love how Father gave us such a clear picture of how sound is produced!
  5. Yes! So Beautifully explained!
    Eileen Jones AUTHOR  08/11/2020 06:50 PM Central
    Thank you Lysette!
  6. It's so wonderful to learn about this from the perspective that God created frequency! Looking forward to part two!
    Eileen Jones AUTHOR  08/11/2020 06:49 PM Central
    Thank you Trina! I love the realization that He knew we would need them before He even made us!

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