Lessons from Isolation (“Isolessons”) #1  Appreciation

I have always believed that the Father wants us to learn something from where we are. Whether we learn a lesson about how we got to the place we are in (good or bad), or whether we have a life lesson that will help in the future, it’s good to take every opportunity to dig deep into growing closer to our Abba and His children.

Some of my ponderings lately have been about this isolation we are all finding ourselves in. What can we do to grow as stronger and kinder people amid the segregation?

One of the lessons I’m learning is to appreciate the people in my life. There is obviously something that can be gained from drawing closer to my family and appreciating the gifts, talents, love languages, strengths and challenges that have all been put together in one place.

Learning to Love Family is key
We have been a family that educates at home for 27 years. We are also self-employed and have fellowship with a handful of other families, so we’re already in the lifestyle of home being the base of everything we do. But through this, there is even more that can be done to draw closer and cherish family members.
Finding out what makes each person thrive, what makes them light up and become a better version of who they are, is my goal. I want to find their love language and their “body part” (1 Cor. 12) and their spiritual gifts so that I can see them come into that “a-ha!” place of, “This is me, and I love it!” Only then can the family function together at its best with everyone doing their part.

The same is true of those we don’t get to see right now. 
Each one of our friends and extended family has an “a-ha!” place that we need to cherish. We can use this time to figure out how to celebrate each person we know so that when we are able to see them again our relationships will be even stronger for the separation.
Be honest with yourself, do you tend to look favorably on others? Or the opposite?
I really like how 1 Corinthians 12:21 puts it, “And the eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I have no need of you”; or again the head to the feet, ‘I have no need of you.’” Sometimes we don’t understand someone else’s purpose, because it isn’t our own! But what if we were all eyes? How would we get around?

Ways to use this time to love other people: 
1) Study the parts of the body, the spiritual gifts, and the love languages, and figure out your friends and family so you can treat them with love the way they receive best.
2) Call people! Build them up and let them know what you like about them.
3) Look for the best in those that may irritate you, celebrate their differences!

If this "body part" idea is new to you, I'll be posting more about how to discover family and friends' strengths, gifts and body parts soon.
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  1. Learning to cherish the friends that have aspects that are annoying to us in this time of heightened emotions is a convicting thought for me. Thanks for sharing!

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