How the Understanding of Frequencies was HIJACKED!
This comes third in our discussion of Frequencies
Frequencies were created by God! He introduced them to this world with the first WORD that He spoke. Everything you see was created by what He spoke, therefore, Creation came through frequencies.

When people don’t like to believe in God, they take what He made and twist it to suit their purposes and make it fit their narrative.

There are so many different spiritual ideas connected to the concept of frequencies that have been introduced to cause confusion. This has stolen a beautiful truth from God’s people.
Your God, the One who created the world and called you to be His, wants you to understand the power of music, words, thoughts, and plants.  But if you fear them because the concept carries confusion or even is associated with strange belief systems; then you will use them unwisely or avoid the gift you were given labeling it as evil.

Remember the verses in the Bible where our Creator told us that life and death are in the power of the tongue and that we are supposed to take our thoughts captive?
 Go through Scripture and make a list of verses about words, thoughts, and music, you will find how important these things are.   Why?  Because they bring us health, they bring us closer to our Creator, they make us happier, they help us find PEACE.
But here is the problem, frequencies have become associated with the worship of self.  
In truth, when we “Raise our frequency” we are not becoming “higher beings”, instead we are helping our organs and whole system function. It has nothing to do with the worship of self, we are being a good steward of what we’ve been given.

When someone is not feeling well, they “slow down”. This includes, walking slower, thinking slower, sleeping a lot, digesting slower, etc.
Diseases slow down every organ, our digestion moves more slowly when we are ill, our memory and problem solving abilities decrease, our liver and bladder decrease flow.

A healthy brain frequency is between 72-90 MHz, but an optimum brain frequency is between 80-82. So, you can see it isn’t a “raised” frequency that is best, but an “optimum” frequency.
Simple math helps us get into the “optimum” range.
Most things in the world lower our frequency rates, so we have to do everything we can to speed things up!

A healthy human body should have a frequency of 62-78 MHz, disease begins to set in at 58 MHz.
Processed foods have 0 or lower MHz, dried foods are 15-22 MHz, even fresh foods are 20-27 MHz. So if we are trying to get our Frequency into the optimum range, we are going to need to add things that compensate for the things In our world that are always trying to slow down our wave lengths.

A look at specific frequency rates shows that our stomach moves at a frequency similar to C, which is also a frequency similar to DiGize essential oil, which aids in digestion. So, when you want to optimize stomach function, you could listen to or play music in the key of C while using DiGize for digestion.
Our Liver functions optimally at 72 MHz which is also the frequency of “Three Wise Men” and Low D in music. Therefore, when working on liver health you could listen to music in the key of D while using this specific oil over your liver.

There are practical things you could be doing each day to get your body into an optimum healing range, so don’t allow this gift that the Father gave to you to be stolen!

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