Are you so used to CHAOS that it feels normal?

How do you recognize chaos when your body, marriage, family and home have been so out of whack that the chaotic lifestyle seems the norm?

Here are some signs of Chaos in your life:
  • Conversations often lead to conflict because you don’t listen well or respond correctly.
  • You have something to say, but you have a hard time clarifying exactly what that is, and you sometimes don’t say it at all because you are afraid you’ll be rejected.
  • You need to be in charge, you can’t let go enough to trust God or other people.
  • Your relationships are strained, and someone is often offended in your family or among your friends.
  • Feelings of anxiousness and sadness are a regular thing in your life.
  • Your sleep isn’t peaceful or deep.
  • You feel tightness in your chest on a regular basis and you think that is normal.
  • Little things trigger you and cause you to get rubbed the wrong way, you often feel irritated.
  • You crave sugar and carbohydrates.
  • There is always some little health annoyance in your life.
  • Your children and/or spouse seem sullen and grumpy a lot.
  • Your finances are often in upheaval.
  • Your digestion is often upset.
  • You generally feel in fear of what other people think of you.
  • Others think you are often upset with them.
  • You have a hard time sitting still, you either feel like you should always be working, or you think others expect you to always be working.
  • You have a constant need to multi-task.
If you experience at least 3 of these on the daily, you may be surrounded by chaos.  Which of these CHAOS signs are a regular, unwelcome guest in your life?

Chaos can come from so many sources, it can come from internal sources in your own thoughts, words, and actions. But it can also come from the outside! In the next segment I’ll outline some places chaos can come from as we work toward eliminating chaos and obtaining SHALOM (completeness, wholeness, and peace!)

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