The Dirty Root of Anxiety
It started yesterday with an assumption…
 I assumed that if there were an empty dishwasher, that people would have a place other than the counter to put their dirty dishes.
 I’m not sure why I assumed this, since I am getting up there in years, and it has never worked before.  And we all know that doing the same thing but expecting a different result is not wise.
 So when I woke up to a counter full of slimy, scummy, disgusting dishes that I then put in the dishwasher, the anxiety began to rise in me!
First, why was I even putting other people’s dishes in the washer?  Because I was sick of asking other people to do it.  And I was upset that they didn’t just do it when I have asked for the last 33 years every single day.  But of course, they won’t do it, if I do it!  Silly me! I know this but am so tired of the conversation that I end up doing it anyway.
 Back to the anxiety… I was getting more and more angry about it this morning.  I was about to blow, and I knew it!
 So instead of blowing, I’ve learned a trick in the last years that has made a HUGE difference for how my days turn out.
 I stop and ask myself, why is this making me so angry?  What belief system do I have that is connected to my family not putting their dirty dishes in the dishwasher that then causes such extreme irritability?
The answer was, I believe that they think I am not as important as they are, that all I’m good for as a person is to clean up after them.
 Since I clarified the belief system, then I could search for the memory that caused me to believe this… the memory was a time when I had asked so many times for people to put their dishes in, and no one was doing it.  A time when I had 7 children at home, instead of the 2 that are here now, and so the house was always covered in dirty dishes.  One day instead of using my brain and giving the task back to whom it belonged, I allowed the anxiety to rise so high that I smashed my favorite water bottle and then screamed at my son and told him it was his fault that I broke the water bottle because he made me so angry.
 Yes, I knew I was being childish, yes, I knew it was my fault for not handling the situation correctly. Nothing good came from that day.  And I still hold myself guilty over it, so I must not have received closure yet by apologizing appropriately and allowing the memory to be healed instead of stuffed.
The next step after finding the belief system attached to the anxious response, then finding the memory that brought the belief, is to take an oil (in the case of anxiety, Ylang Ylang is a good one), smelling it deeply, speaking the truth, “My family loves me and believes I am valuable” and then dealing with the memory by going to the person I’ve hurt and apologizing appropriately.
 When I do this every time some form of irritability or anxiety rises in me, then I don’t have the constant stress responses to irritating things.
 See, the answer wasn’t just to ask them again to do their dishes, because the response came from a much deeper place than just dishes.
 That is how we stuff things and make ourselves sick!  When we just take our response at face value and don’t try to figure out why we respond they way we do, these feelings end up deep down inside our cells and lead to inflammation and sickness.
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