"I Don't Want to!"
Have you ever said those words?   Do you say them a lot?
 Some other forms of this statement are:
 “I don’t feel like it”
 “I’m not up to it!”
 “Ugh, not again!”
 “Why do I have to keep doing this?”
 “I’m so over this!”
 “I’m too tired!”
This morning in my quiet time, I was asking God why I didn’t have the motivation to do certain things for my business that I knew I needed to do.
 I know that those things are really helping others, so that should be motivation enough right?  Well, I kept telling myself I needed to do them, but then “I don’t want to!” would somehow sneak out!
 It sounds like a petulant child! But it had become such a common thing to say that I didn’t even notice when I was saying it!
 So as Abba showed me what was really happening when I would say those 4 small words, I started getting convicted of the side effects showing up in my life.
 I had been wondering why I never wanted to go to fun events, it was much easier to just stay home and relax.
 I would stay silent in group discussions, it was much easier to stay quiet and not be noticed.
 I would hope that people would reach out to me, but I wouldn’t reach out to them, because it was just easier to wait until they needed me.
 I didn’t ever want to exercise, or take walks, it was just easier to sit on the couch.
 So the emotions that came with all of that were loneliness, feeling invisible or unimportant, isolation, left behind, missing out, and rejection.
Our words are so much more important than we realize! Death and life are in the power of the tongue.  Our tongues are creative forces that build up or tear down!  Since I was continuously negating any desire to do anything by saying, “I don’t want to!” I had put extreme limits on my purpose and destiny.  Because the person I was created to be was getting shot down with words of passivity, laziness, and heaviness, I then was not motivated to do what I was called to do!
 So my words for today are, “I excitedly pursue everything Abba has for me today and I find JOY in His plans for me, because He pursued me first!”

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  1. You're so right Eileen. Inadvertently I've been using these same words myself. Thank you and the Lord for this revelation and the release you've found. I'm getting into this

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