What is your body telling you about your emotions?
Have you said any of these about your health issues?
“It is what it is”
“I’ll always feel this way”
“Everyone in my family has had this”
“I’ve learned to live with it”
What if your health issues were rooted in emotional and spiritual issues instead?
What if you could do something about it?
According to the Word of God, every body part is related to a spiritual issue. For example, studying the nose can help discover why someone might have chronic sinus issues (nose is the Hebrew word ANAPH which means to be angry). When you look at all the verses where nose is mentioned and understand that the word “nose” means to be angry, it helps you understand why someone who stuffs their anger or feels guilty about feeling angry, can have chronic sinus issues.
 Ears are mentioned many times in Scripture, and almost every time it is in reference to Spiritual hearing. Chronic hearing issues can be associated with your level of intimacy with your Creator and how well you trust your ability to hear Him correctly. In fact, “itching ears” in the Word, means we’re trying to fill ourselves up with things that we think are easier to hear and process than God’s voice and instruction.

Arms have to do with God’s power and authority, so if you have been having weakness or arm pain or injuries, it could have to do with a few different issues. It could be that it is difficult for you to trust and believe God’s authority over your life. It could also mean that you are feeling helpless and weak about a situation.
 The Word is clear on so many other body issues: eyes, face, skin, feet, fingers, hair, liver, lungs…

I used to think that it was a bunch of new-age mumbo jumbo to connect body parts with emotions and spiritual health until I really dug in deep into the Word over the last few years on over 30 body parts and systems and discovered that every one of them had a deeper meaning than just the surface understanding.

 If you combine this information with understanding what assignment you have in the body of Christ, then you can have insight into why you were created and what you’re supposed to be doing to further God’s kingdom and to serve His family.
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