How to Use Sound Waves to Enhance Brain Waves
 This is the second in a series on how to embrace frequencies without compromising your faith.

 Your brain and body both function on chemicals and electricity.

Remember from the first blog in this series that the definition of frequency is how fast or slow something moves. Think of it as how fast something comes back around to the beginning. So the frequency of a wave is the time it takes for the wave to start all over again.

Certain stimuli can speed up, slow down, or even cause irregular waves, which can cause erratic frequencies to happen in the brain and other organs. Erratic speeds in the brain and organs can make us feel anxious, weary, confused, harsh, angry, or even depressed. These stimuli could be dissonant, unorganized, and crashing sounds. Or they could be angry, cruel, or crushing words.

Music is one of the only mediums that crosses through the fatty layer between the left and right sides of the brain because it is creative and mathematical. These sound waves are able to transfer through that layer to involve more than just our enjoyment of the creativity of the music, they then have an effect on our reasoning, problem solving, common sense, memory, and math skills.

This can be a very good thing! If we are listening to ordered, calm, creative, melodic, and harmonic music where the words are edifying and encouraging, then our mathematical and reasoning side of our brain will also be strengthened by those words and notes to increase common sense, retention, and problem solving. Classical music has been shown time and time again to help with math skills!

But this can also be a challenge, because if we are listening to harsh, loud, angry music with damaging words, this also directly reduces our reasoning and problem solving abilities.

There seems to be a famine of common sense in the world right now, this could be a direct result of what people are listening to since words and sound waves have much more power than we’ve given them credit for! If people are focusing on news stories, arguments, fear mongering, and angry social media posts; then it is no wonder there is so much fighting, anger and a complete lack of reasoning in our world. Anger waves produce anger waves, calm waves produce calm waves.

Harmonics are how waves cause other waves to respond. Picture an ocean wave. You cannot have one wave without it effecting the water surrounding it. As one wave pushes forward, another wave pulls back, and it becomes a constant rhythm. Waves slow down or speed up based on the rhythm of the other waves around it.

 As a sound wave reaches the brain, the wave makes the neurons move into a rhythm that fits the sound. Calm brings calm, harsh brings harsh. Sound waves can also damage the synapse between neurons causing messages to misfire.  But the good news is that I have personally seen the brain heal using healing sound waves.
But that is a story for another day!

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