Balancing your Natural Rhythm (part 1)
As I’ve discussed in other blogs in the frequencies series, everything has a rhythm. Frequency is just how fast or slow (how frequently) the cells of an object move or vibrate.
 It is important to help our organs and cells stay in their optimum range.  Since most things in the world move slower than a healthy body, it takes effort to put in enough high frequencies to balance out the low frequencies. A healthy body likes to stay between 62-68 MHz during the day.  But look at all these things you encounter during the day that are going to slow that down…
 Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMOs) have the lowest frequency, you experience these daily just because of the world you live in.  GMOs are difficult to avoid unless you live in a bubble, they even put them right next to your organic veggies in the grocery store, and even organic farms show traces of GMOs in their crops because of the wind blowing them around.
 Meat has the next lowest frequency, there is still a lot of good nutrition in meat, but that isn’t the point here, we’re talking about what to do when you need to speed up your body frequency.  When you eat meat, you also need to put good things in that will counteract its low frequency, so you don’t get slowed down physically.
 Next lowest is dairy products and baked goods.  Many of us don’t want to stop eating these things completely.  It is nice to have a special treat occasionally!  Just counteract them with higher frequencies so you don’t feel like a slug plopped on the couch!
 Then in order of lowest to highest we have:
 Processed and Canned foods (0 MHz)
 Cooked veggies and fruits and roasted nuts (around 5 MHz)
 Squashes and root veggies (5-10 MHz)
 Fresh veggies (around 10 MHz)
 Fresh fruits (up to 15 MHz)
 Citrus, soaked nuts, sprouts, and super foods like cacao and goji berries and raw chocolate (15-52)
 Greens like wheat grass, chlorophyll, and phytoplankton (higher than 52 MHz)
Then REAL Essential OILS have frequencies from 52-320 MHz!!
 Fake, store-bought fragrances, perfumes, and “essential oils” that are harvested improperly and cut with alcohol and petroleum are at the opposite end of the spectrum, so don’t fall for them!   They will cause MUCH more harm than good!
 How to raise your frequency daily to feel better and function optimally will be in part 2!
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